Aramco Digital, LTIMindtree to launch IT services company in Saudi Arabia

Aramco Digital

Aramco Digital, the digital and technology subsidiary of Aramco, and global technology consulting and digital solutions company LTIMindtree have signed a shareholders’ agreement to create an IT services company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The prospective company would showcase innovation in action, including disruptive digital services, and transformative industry 4.0 systems integration capabilities. This collaboration is expected to support the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 by creating highly skilled jobs for Saudis in this sector.

The joint venture is being formed under the Aramco Namaat Industrial Investments Program. Sudhir Chaturvedi, President and Executive Board Member, LTIMindtree said, “LTIMindtree is fully aligned with the Saudi Vision 2030. We are pleased to have been selected as the trusted partner for the joint venture. KSA and MENA are amongst the fastest growing regions globally in the adoption of new technologies. We are committed to delivering new technology-led growth to the region. With Aramco Digital, we will bring our global capabilities and expertise and leverage new technologies to deliver digital transformation suitable for giga projects, the government sector, high growth industries, energy, manufacturing, and the financial services sector.”

Nabil Al Nuaim, Aramco Senior Vice President of Digital and Information Technology and a board member of Aramco Digital, said, “This is a pivotal partnership effort to leverage the power of digital transformation and unlock unprecedented opportunities for innovation and sustainability in the region. The joint venture aims to foster the localization of the IT services vital sector, create valuable jobs, and pave the way for a brighter future in the Kingdom.”

Aramco Digital CEO, Tareq Amin said, “We are excited about this collaboration, which will align with Aramco Digital’s solutions offerings, which capitalize on high demand for customized and scalable solutions. The powerful combination of Aramco Digital’s business, coupled with LTIMindtree’s deep engineering capabilities and customer experience solutions, has the potential to unlock tremendous value for the region. It reinforces our joint efforts to support Vision 2030 and deliver world-class and sustainable value to our customers and employees, while working toward creating local jobs and expertise with a competitive edge.”

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