DRC Systems, XDuce collaborate to drive innovation, create growth opportunities


IT services and consultancy company DRC Systems has collaborated with US-based technology services provider XDuce to leverage their respective strengths to drive innovation, enhance market presence, and create new growth opportunities.

As a strategy for the company’s global expansion, in July, DRC Systems acquired a 100% stake in DRC Systems USA LLC to strengthen its presence in the US and Western markets. This partnership comes at a significant moment for both companies as they seek to combine their expertise, resources, and capabilities to address the evolving needs of the Digital Transformation Services landscape. By joining forces, DRC and XDuce are poised to deliver unparalleled value to their customers and stakeholders.

According to a company statement, the partnership will foster collaborative innovation, bringing together the best minds from both companies to develop cutting-edge solutions that address the challenges and opportunities in the Digital Transformation Services; customers can expect an expanded range of high-quality products/services resulting from the integration of both companies services; the combined strength of DRC and XDuce will enable an expanded global market reach, providing customers with enhanced accessibility to innovative solutions; streamlined operations and optimised resource utilization will result in increased efficiencies, enabling both companies to deliver value to customers in a more agile and cost- effective manner.

Hiten Barchha, Managing Director, DRC Systems India Limited expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “This partnership marks a pivotal moment for DRC Systems. We are excited to combine our strengths with XDuce to drive innovation and deliver even greater value to our customers. This strategic partnership aligns with our commitment to delivering excellence and innovation in IT Services and Digital Transformation Services. Together, we will achieve new heights and set new standards.”

Jay Dave, President & CEO, XDuce Group of Companies, stated that “We are very excited to partner with DRC Systems which shares the common mission of delivering cost effective and innovative digital transformation services to the industry. This symbiotic partnership will help both companies to extend the reach of the business values that we bring in with our services to a wider geographical landscape. Delivering every service with a “X” factor is in the adrenaline of XDuce and with this collaboration, we are confident that we would double commitment to “X2”. This partnership will help both of us to become more efficient and continue build higher NPS for not only for our investors but a higher RoI to our customers and community”.

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