Genesys International showcases the future of automotive navigation maps: ADAS


Genesys International has announced its latest development in ADAS maps. This was launched during ADAS Show 2023 at the International Centre of Automotive Technology (ICAT, Manesar) under the guidance of the Ministry of Heavy Industries, Government of India, on Thursday.

Genesys has set new standards in navigation and safety technology, driving progress in the automotive industry. This innovation represents a significant stride towards the future of driver safety and advanced ADAS levels, including autonomous driving — demonstrating Genesys’ commitment to enhancing safety and support for autonomous vehicles with highly detailed road information.

The highlight of Genesys’ showcase was their high fidelity 2D Standard Definition (SD) map for India, which covers 8.3 million km of roads and features over 40 million Points of Interest, setting a benchmark in accuracy and reliability. Advancing beyond the basics, Genesys introduced its innovative ADAS maps, addressing critical challenges in visibility, localization, and lane guidance faced by vision-based ADAS systems.

In 2022, India recorded over 4.6 lac road accidents, with 32.9% (over 1.5 lacs) occurring on National Highways. This statistic underscores the importance of safety enhancements on these critical routes. Sajid Malik, CMD of Genesys International, said, “As Genesys embarks on creating a safer driving experience through our maps. We are capturing road details such as lane marking, lane width, road shoulders, road dividers, rumble strips, speed breakers, speed limits, gradient, curvature, and over 70 such attributes for road stretches, for roads such as the Mumbai Pune expressway, Delhi Jaipur expressway and more. The focus on data accuracy, augmented by our other tech innovations, enables us to provide critical information for drivers and autonomous vehicles to navigate safely”.

Navin Paul, a key member of Genesys’ Executive Innovation Board and advisor to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH), Government of India, explained, “For road safety to improve, all parts of the ecosystem, such as the vehicular tech, road designing, road construction standards, and accurate maps, must interface and interact. Genesys’ ADAS map brings in an essential component of the ecosystem. The maps help augment the driver’s cognitive ability to understand and assess the risks better. It will help to create a faster and more agile response to prevent accidents.”

Genesys International’s commitment to innovation is reinforced through their recent projects and partnerships, including creating 3D digital twins of urban areas and a landmark partnership with the Survey of India (SOI), India’s principal mapping and surveying agency. This collaboration marks a transformative step in enhancing India’s geospatial data capabilities, leveraging Genesys’ advanced mapping technologies and SOI’s extensive surveying resources.

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