EaseMyTrip expands portfolio by investing in Eco Hotels and Resorts


Online tech travel platform EaseMyTrip.com has secured a non-controlling approximately 13% stake in Eco Hotels and Resorts Limited.

Eco Hotels operates in the hotel and hospitality industry, aligning well with EaseMyTrip’s commitment to diversify its portfolio. The primary objective of this strategic investment is to acquire a minority interest and promote environmentally friendly practices within the hospitality sector. It may be mentioned here that all the hotels operated by Eco Hotels will be carbon net zero hotels.

This association also opens opportunities for establishing synergy between the two companies. Both the companies are talking on various areas of cooperation. Besides hotel operations business, ECO HOTELS may carry on air and non-air business mainly for its customers on the platform of EaseMyTrip.com and its subsidiaries company.

Nishant Pitti, Co- Founder and CEO of EaseMyTrip, said: “We are thrilled to announce our association and strategic decision to invest in the stake in Eco Hotels and Resorts Limited, reflecting EaseMyTrip’s commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices. Our choice to invest in stakes aligns with our vision to contribute positively to the growth of eco-friendly and green hotels. This investment marks another milestone in our journey to diversify our portfolio and enhance the travel experiences we offer to our customers. By fostering environmentally conscious initiatives, we aim to shape the future of the travel and hospitality industry positively.”

V K Tripathi Executive Chairman of Eco Hotels and Resorts Ltd. said, “With an unwavering commitment to redefine India’s hospitality landscape, we embark on a mission driven by sustainability, cutting-edge construction technology, and bold expansion strategies. This is not just a business decision; it’s a calculative move towards expanding our horizons and presenting guests with an elevated, eco- conscious, and luxurious experience that aligns seamlessly with our commitment to a greener and more sustainable future. This strategic association between EaseMyTrip.com and Eco Hotels and Resorts Limited may turn out to be a game changer as such a synergy is hardly seen in the hospitality sector.”

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