HFCL introduces indigenous 5G Fixed Wireless Access products


Technology enterprise and integrated next-gen communications product and solution provider HFCL has introduced its indigenously designed and developed 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) solution.

As India emerges as one of the fastest nations to roll out 5G network, the 5G technology has already become a global phenomenon. As 5G continues its global proliferation, ensuring foolproof and efficient last-mile connectivity becomes paramount for network’s overall performance and efficiency. To fully unleash 5G’s potential, it is crucial to provide robust last-mile solution that cater to the diverse need of telecom service providers and end-users.

Recognizing this imperative need, HFCL, a leading company in India in Telecom field, has introduced indigenously developed 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) Products. Breaking new ground as the first company in India to achieve this milestone, HFCL’s 5G FWA Products will be able to give optical-fiber-like connectivity on 5G wireless networks to the customers bridging the gap between broadband served and unserved areas by ensuring flawless wireless broadband connectivity. This indigenous development underscores HFCL’s unwavering commitment to shaping the future of communication and connectivity in the dynamic landscapes of India and beyond.

HFCL’s 5G FWA Products deliver not only high-speed and reliable broadband access but will also elevate device experiences, expanding accessibility, and providing faster speeds. This innovative FWA solution, catering to multi-bands (Sub 6 GHz, mmWave), multi-technology (5G Standalone and 5G non-standalone with LTE), Indoor as well as Outdoor eliminates the constraints of physical cable connection simultaneously serving as crucial bridge between the 5G network and end-user devices offering enhanced connectivity. The products are already under trial with domestic and international customers.

Mr. Mahendra Nahata, Managing Director at HFCL, affirmed the Company’s commitment, stating, “Bridging the digital divide is not just a mission but a commitment to empower every citizen. Our 5G FWA Products stand as technological vanguards in achieving this transformative goal. In urban sprawls and remote villages alike, these equipment ensure seamless wireless broadband connectivity, revolutionizing communication, and information access. At HFCL, our dedication to proliferating 5G across every corner of India is unwavering. We take pride in our Make in India contributions, relentlessly pushing the boundaries of innovation to bring contemporary technology to the heart of nation-building.”

As the world witnesses a surge in the FWA broadband services market, HFCL is at the forefront, contributing to the rapid growth of 5G Fixed Wireless Access. Industry estimates project the global 5G FWA market to reach USD 68 billion by 2030. HFCL’s dedication to advancing 5G technology through cutting-edge research and development underscores its pivotal role in reshaping the future of telecommunications. The Company’s innovative portfolio of 5G Products, designed with latest technology standards and security-centric designs, is poised to support service providers by contributing to the goal of digital transformation and connectivity worldwide.

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