Minor molested; parents beaten up over police complaint

Boys living in the neighborhood in Shalimar Bagh police station area molested the minor. When the minor told his parents about this, they complained to the police.

After this, the accused reached his house with sticks and also beat up his parents. The complaint regarding this matter has been given to Shalimar Bagh police station.

The boys stopped the minor on the road and caught hold of her hand.

The minor told that she lives with her parents in Shalimar Bagh police station area. At the end of August, when she was going home from tuition, two or three boys from the street stopped her on the road, grabbed her hand and molested her.

After coming home he told everything to his parents. The relative complained about this to the police. Somehow the accused came to know that a complaint had been filed against them in the police station.

After this he started roaming around the house. Later, five to six boys entered their house with sticks in their hands and beat up the minor present in the house, his sister, mother and father. After this, he also threatened the family that if they told anyone about this, he would kill them. Shalimar Bagh police station is taking further action in the case.

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