Relief for commuters; new change on DND to make life easy


Some changes were made in the system on Saturday to reduce the evening traffic jam on DND connecting Delhi-Noida. While coming from Delhi, the length of the lane meant to go straight towards Rajnigandha underpass has now been reduced. Due to this, there was some reduction in traffic jam. However, the real test of this system will be on Tuesday 3 October.

Police officials say that this change has been made as a trial. The plan will be changed depending on the situation on the spot. About two lakh vehicles travel between Noida and Delhi through DND every day.

During evening rush hour, a queue of vehicles forms near the toll plaza. Here vehicles line up for half a kilometre. The reason for this is that the width of the road in Noida area is less compared to the high number of vehicles.

Traffic comes in six-seven lanes from Delhi, whereas in Noida it is limited to only three lanes. To reduce the problem of increasing traffic jam here, the traffic police had decided to make some changes in the system. It was tested on Saturday.

After coming to Noida area from the toll plaza, there is a straight lane to go towards Rajnigandha underpass. The length of this lane has been reduced as a trial. The stones in an area of about 20-30 meters were removed.

Officials say that this will prevent long queues of vehicles towards the toll plaza. Vehicles will be able to go around the respective loop and reach their destination.

However, this has been done as a trial. If there is a jam then some more changes will be made. Monday is a government holiday on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. In such a situation, traffic will increase from Tuesday i.e. 3rd October, only then the real situation will be assessed.

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One lane will be reduced today: Police officials say that currently four-wheelers are coming from the toll plaza in three lanes towards Noida. It will be reduced to 2 lanes. This change will be made on Sunday.

Traffic goes on three sides of Noida from DND

Traffic coming from DND goes to three parts of Noida. Most of the vehicles go towards Noida-Greater Noida Expressway through the loop. At number two, vehicles come directly to Rajnigandha underpass. Vehicles go towards Sector-14 at number three. In such a situation, as soon as you leave the toll plaza, there is traffic collision from three sides towards Noida.

Vehicle pressure increased after becoming toll free

DND has been running toll free for about seven years. At that time, 1.25 to 1.5 lakh vehicles used to pass through here every day. After toll free, the number of vehicles has now reached 2 lakh. In such a situation, the pressure of about 50 thousand vehicles has increased.

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