Harit Pradesh Milk Producer Organisation expands reach, empowers marginal milk farmers in West UP

Harit Pradesh Milk Producer Organisation, plans to expand its reach further during the current financial year, with an aim to provide benefits to marginal dairy farmers. Currently, the dairy organisation, procures milk from seven districts in Western Uttar Pradesh benefitting as many as 54,000 marginal dairy farmers including 19,000 women dairy farmers.

It receives technical support from NDDB Dairy Services (a wholly owned subsidiary of National Dairy Development Board). Chairman NDDB and NDDB Dairy Services Dr. Meenesh Shah, said “A large chunk of dairy farmers associated with Harit Pradesh are women who receive milk payments directly in their bank accounts every 10 days thereby empowering them socially and financially, uplifting their standard of living.”

Harit Pradesh at present procures milk from seven districts of Western Uttar Pradesh including Bulandshahr, Shamli, Hapur, Muzaffarnagar, Meerut, Bijnor, and Saharanpur. As on March 31, 2024, the milk producer organization operates 1,430 Milk Procurement Points in these districts. It also operates 11 Milk Chilling Centers and 22 Bulk Milk Coolers with a combined chilling capacity of 2,50,000 liters per day.

Dr. CP Devanand, MD, NDDB Dairy Services, said, “It indeed is heartening to see the progress made by Harit Pradesh since its inception a little over two years ago. It stands as a tall example of what a producer-owned organization can achieve once it sets its sights.”

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“On average, we procure 2,23,000 liters of milk per day in during financial year 2023-24, we procured 8,14,20,910 liters of raw milk directly from our farmer members. Our automated milk collection system at all MPPs enables a fair and transparent pricing of milk received from the farmer members. As such, our cloud based procurement process supported by a member mobile application stands out as a model of digital efficiency and transparency. The technology-driven approach ensures reliability and fairness in every step of milk collection and processing. The members are connected to our Harit Mitra App for all information regarding the milk they poured,” said Dr. Hitesh Poonia, Chief Executive, Harit Pradesh.

Besides, the company under Rashtriya Gokul Mission (RGM) has till now provided 42,000 doses of sex-sorted semen to farmers at subsidised rates. The objective behind the move is that high-genetic merit female calves are born which will further enhances the overall productivity of dairy farm animals.

Harit Pradesh Milk Producer Organization also helps its farmer members access cheap credit from banks to buy quality cattles, thereby strengthening their dairy operations and overall livelihood. Through its tie up with HDFC Bank, it has facilitated loans to the tune of ₹12 crore to 1,130 beneficiary farmer members thereby facilitating the induction of 1,500 cattle.

“Recognising the importance of environmental sustainability, Harit Pradesh Milk Producer Organization has helped install 800 units of biogas in farmers’ homes. This initiative not only promotes cleaner energy but also empowers farmers with a sustainable solution for their energy needs. The organization has also successfully commissioned a slurry processing unit for manufacturing organic manure. This step not only aids in waste management but also contributes to the enhancement of soil fertility, promoting a healthier and more sustainable agricultural ecosystem,” added Shah.

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